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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mental block

This entry is just another medium for me to find escapism.

From work, from doing research, from writing scripts. From mental block basically.

As much as I love the nature of my job, somehow sometimes my brain gets numb. I have no idea as to why it gets numb, slow, almost retard. Dear brain, please bear with me. And today I'm such a sleepy head. I feel sleepy all of sudden, could it be the super cold aircond? And my eyes gets blur, I hate staring at the computer screen from morning to evening.

Finding yourself working hard five days a week, and the only thing you wait to happen is to spend your weekend relaxing at home with family, or engaging in your love life. Whichever it is, we can never have enough time only for ourselves. Life itself is indeed demanding, yet full of colours and stories. Did I just make myself sounded lame? Teehehehe.

Anyway, good night people :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Equestrian for a day

Finally, I found a new hobby.

It's horseriding.

Sometimes bored with the cliche idea of spending the weekends watching movies at the cinema, or go for a karaoke session, why not say hello to the world of horseriding?

Moments before I hopped onto the big horse, I was really nervous thinking of falling down, or the horse might become wild because of my body weight. What a reason eh. Excitement kills all the nervousness once you get the hold of it.  Feels like Quzandria Ambak for moments (teehehehe)

What a day, I had so much fun. Definitely should make horseriding a weekly outdoor activity.

Just figured it out, I love horse :)

Greetings from Kimchiland

As much as I resist to waste hundreds of bucks for a concert ticket, I finally ended up buying a pass to see Super Junior, here in Kuala Lumpur. This would be my second time, the first was in last year. Only managed to snap a few photos, because I'm so enchanted by the singing, the dancing, the whole feel of being in that big indoor stadium.

And there I sit at the end of the world. Far away from the stage.

I enjoyed the night. Thank you Super Junior.

Work wear

Since I was in the secondary school, I found eternal comfort in sneaker, casual footwear. They aren't only comfortable, but also simple and looks youthful. This explains my collection of sneakers arranged on the shoe rack at home. Most of them are the old ones, bought during my diploma years. Everytime I pass by a shoe store, I can't help but to go inside and have a look. Once I set my eyes on a cool sneaker, there goes my money.

They're all worth buying, because I'm a loyal shoes wearer. I wear them until they become dirty, torn and in the end, end up looking like a vegetable.

For me, sneaker is timeless. It will always be a fashion. A trend. Always in, never outdated.

Well, I have been working for a month. My very first job since I graduated. There are so many things to be learned, so many things to contribute. My prayer is, everything will go smoothly.

A day or so before I started working, a question popped in my mind. What manner will it be if I wear a sneaker to work? That is the last thing that I would want to do. Having no appropriate footwear for work, I then decided to buy one. Thank you, mother for the lovely shoes.

For nearly a month, I have been putting this on everyday. Hopefully, I'll be wearing this for a very long time. Maybe until it becomes a vegetable, just like my old sneaker.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

She who captures attention

images from google

Isn't she lovely this Japanese lady?

A successful fashion designer who captures attention of Muslim girls, women.

Just an entry full of admiration.

Monday, March 21, 2011


So many things going on lately, that I can''t find even a minute to post a new entry. Busy with work at the office, family weddings, being an awesome buddy, being an obedient daughter, being a dedicated worker (errrrr betul tak bos?), being so many things.

Yet, I am grateful for I am still here.

Writing stuff happened in my life.

Live life. Inhale the fresh air. Get to meet my loved ones (I love you dear)

On March 12, marks the solemnization of my beloved elder sister, kaklong. Right after that on the afternoon, people flocks in to the wedding reception at CAC banquet hall in IIUM. I fell deeply in love with the grand hall, especially the decoration of the pelamin, with all the pink and white roses. Got me mesmerized for seconds. I guess I was right when introducing the designer, Hazree Wahid to my mom.

We had a double wedding on that day, makes that 2 brides and 2 grooms celebrating the most wonderful moment of their lives (feels like crying, really, don't ask why). So, who's next? Hahahahaha.

 The hall reminds me of old interior from France, Italy, somewhere there. Maybe the lights, maybe the dining table, maybe the composition of the photo itself.

 Isn't this just lovely?

 My sister and hubby. May you have a blessed life along the way.

My beloved brother and his dearest.

So, what is happening in your life lately? Share with me.

Till then, good day people.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Get healthy with bicycle

(image from google)

I stumble upon this photo while google-ing a few minutes ago. 
Pretty cool facts huh? 
I feel like grabbing a bike and start cycling.
Shall we?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A visit to Kellie's Castle

This is what I do for the past few months, visiting places and places, indulging myself into the free time. Last week, I revisited Ipoh for the second time. Somehow, I love the city for its uniqueness, classical, almost old-school kind of feeling. You can see it from the architecture of the buildings, the names of the road etc. The main reason I come back here is because I have been longing to visit Kellie's Castle, the never unfinished mansion. Read the history here.

 The mansion is really big, it takes more than an hour touring around.

Even if it is unfinished, the mansion looks great from the outside. Imagine it being completed, must be one great building huh.

 The view from the top of the mansion is ever refreshing, with trees and plants around. This is actually the area for Kellie and his wife to enjoy the scenery.

 The wall is made of bricks and more bricks.

Oh. One more place I would recommend you to visit is Memory Lane. The place is like uptown, but the only difference is it sells old, rare, vintage stuffs that you would never find anywhere else. The price is super cheap too. Go have a visit.

There are so many places in Malaysia I plan to visit. InsyaAllah.

Good day people.