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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Natural disaster around the globe

Sometimes everyone is so busy with their own life, problems, matters etc. that they couldn't care less about what is hitting people on the other side of the world. I myself used to be one of them too. However, through times, I started to realize that not everyone lives in a country free from landslides, earthquake, floods, tsunami, other natural disaster. Be grateful if you reside in a country free from natural disaster. It is somewhat heartbreaking to watch news in the tv showing kids crying over their loss, women mourning, people lost their home. Home is like everything in our life, it is more than just a place to cover us from  the rain and the sun. While we have a decent life in our homeland, why not at least open our eyes and see. Get to know. Learn to appreciate.

Flooding in Brazil. Areas affected are Teresopolis, Nova Friburgo, Petropolis, Sumidouro etc. Flood caused by continuous heavy rains. Electricity, water supply, phone lines are all affected.

Flooding in Queensland and Victoria of Australia. Flood in Victoria is still on-going. Imagine having to clean a house covered of muds, dirts etc.

 Another flood in Sri Lanka, the land used to be hit by the massive Tsunami back in 2004.

Flood again? Yes flooding in the Philippines since December 2010 until present. Some dies, some homeless. 

 Flooding in South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe. Heave rains have led to the widespread flooding. Cars driving through the water. 

(All images are from google)

Friday, January 21, 2011

If I Were Bill Gates, I Would

I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad, said Bruno Mars

I am in a fantasy world at the moment I'm writing this. And right now, I am a billionaire by the name of Bill Gates. I am super rich I have billions of bucks in the bank, in my pocket and under the pillow I sleep on every night. Having a crazy amount of money, now what would (or rather should) I do with that? Well. Oh well. Here it goes.

1. Give away free copies of original Windows 7. I have enough money already.

2. Stop inventing Windows. No wonder I look like a geek.

3. Speaking of geek, I should go for make-over. I wasn't born good looking, remember?

4. Travel around the globe. Africa. Asia. Europe. What's the personal jet for, right?

5. Go for a date with a lady who has a pair of beautiful eyes. Oh. Wow. Wee. Remember the make over? I am now more handsome than Brat Pitt. Brad Pitt. Bret Pitt. Which ever the speling is.

6. Filmed a movie based on true story. The title of the movie is How does a geek become a billionaire. What do you think, Mark Zuckerberg?

7. Sign up for a modelling class. Hey what's the laugh? So what if I am not tall enough? I have the money, remember. I can pay Tyra Banks, she can turn me into America's Next Top Model.

8. Buy the most comfortable bed for me to sleep on after a day of hard work. A good sleep ensures good health, remember?

9. Pay water bill, electricity bill, phone bill, kutu bill (also know as duit kutu hahaha) car rental, house rental etc. for my parents. Buy them a decent house, buy them a decent car, buy them plane tickets to anywhere they wish to visit, the list goes on.

10. Hire a personal doctor who can help me to live until I am 120 years old. Erk?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A date with nature

I went hiking yesterday. For the very first time after 24 years of living life. I always believe in the opportunities and chances to try new stuff, new activities that might not be my cup of tea. Also to the opportunity to make new friends, exercise the muscles, do good to the body, inhale the fresh air. The experience was very refreshing. Thank you Allah s.w.t. for blessing me with good health, for that I am able to hike hill, experience the jungle.

So, yeah I went hiking Bukit Tabur with some friends. You might be wondering so I tell you now, Bukit Tabur is near Taman Melawati. Click here for more info. Very excited at first but then along the way, I get exhausted, almost feel like giving up but doesn't want to appear like a loser in front of others (hehehehehe i'm too eager to see what's next, how it's like reaching the top). What can I say is almost 90% of the pathway is steep. Real steep you have to be extra careful in each steps you take. Thanx to someone who keeps reminding me to be careful (almost every minute :p), careful and careful. Not to scare you readers, there was a case where a Japanese tourist died here, believed to have slipped during hiking (if I've been told this prior to hiking, it would bother me, of course). I think it is important to share it with you, so that you can be alert and extra careful when you go hiking.

One thing I learned about hiking steep jungle, you have to bend yourself a little and set your hands on trees, hard branches, rocks or anything that helps you to climb further. Of course, your hands are gonna get quite rough by the time you reach the top, so be tough!

This is the view you get from up the hill, showing the area of Taman Melawati and nearby. If you want a better view, climb higher please.

If you climb higher like I did, this is what you get. The view is clearer and of course, things are getting smaller.

This is Klang Gates Dam, the major supplier of drinking water to the residents of KL. The sky is dark, explains the windy weather during yesterday's hiking. The photo is raw, not edited at all to decrease brightness.

Like i said, if you climb higher, you get a breathtaking view. Worth every sweat.

I made it. Yay.

Next time I go climb a hill, I should bring with me at least two bottles of mineral water. I tell you, you gonna get very very thirsty along the way. This apply to both girls and guys, unless you think you can do without water, then that's fine. Bring sandwiches too, you can have them when you reached the top. Hehehe. For precaution, bring some oil and handplast, just in case you get a cut.

Go date with the nature.

Good day, people.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 6

It's drizzling when I'm posting this. The sound of the rain is lovely. The smell of it is everly fresh and the feel of it is perfect to make me smile.

Waking up early today, I decided to post a new entry because I can't go back to sleep right after my subuh prayer as I felt a slight backpain in my back (oh yes dear, I'm getting older and that could be the reason why). I guess it could be due to my improper way of sleeping last night. I was in real pain for the past few days because my wisdom tooth (gigi bongsu) apparently stops growing. It grows only part of it through the gum bed and there you have it. A real pain. Aigoo aigoo. By the way, I don't have the slightest intention to bore you lovely readers (not that I have many) with my tooth story because this entry is not about tooth.

Today is January 6. The sixth day of 2011. Being a free person (not freemason), I have all the time in the world to read blogs. (Excuse me? You have all the time in the world and the best that you can do is read blogs? How pathetic is that?) Well, you may say whatever and think whatever. But for now, yes, I do read blogs and I think people out there are interesting, while some are weird and quirky. Ok. If it ever occur to you that blogging could be the best way to express yourself, then start blogging. Nothing is wrong with it, though some people think that bloggers are attention-seeking human being bragging about nothing but themselves. I'm totally fine with it.

The green trees and the blue sky. Dear Lord, I'm grateful for the life You have given me. There's many things in the world that I'm grateful for.

1. The trees. Doctors say green is good for the eyes. I am determined (superb vocabulary to indicate keazaman hahaha) to look at as many trees as possible so that they can gradually repair my vision. I'm short-sighted by the way.

2. The rain. I love the smell of the rain. It is my most favorite perfume ever.

3. My family. I can't do without them. I just can't. They are my precious.

4. Good food. Don't waste your food. You don't grow up in a poor country having to suffer hunger. So please do appreciate your food. No leftovers!

5. Five senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Alhamdulillah. Kalau ada sixth sense, wah wah wah double Alhamdulillah. Hahaha.

6. The Internet. Are you laughing? I know. Do you know that people add their knowledge by googling and wikipedia-ing? I know you are one of them. Why not? It's one hella good source of info.

7. And to many other things which I can't seem to think of at the moment because my mother is calling for breakfast.

Actually, this new entry is supposed to brag about my new year resolution, about changes, about opportunities, about working hard, about being a good daughter and so many. I stop here and I will continue writing. Have a nice day people.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Dear friends, bloggers, Internet users and whoever reading this blog. I would like to make an announcement. Please read carefully. Hehehe.

Did you notice the Nuffnang ads on the upper right side of this blog? If you do, would you be kind enough to click on it everytime you visit my blog? Do you want to know why? I'll tell you why. The ads is generating money each time you click on it. You can check how much money you have earned by checking your Nuffnang account. Once the amount reaches RM50, you can cash it out. I know its not that much, but something is better than nothing.

I supposed all bloggers out there is already aware of this. For those who are yet to create a personal blog, you might want to consider this. At the same time, you can help me earn money, eventhough it's not that much. Hahaha.

So, would you please visit my blog regularly and forget not to click on the Nuffnang ads. Ok?

Thank you people. Have a nice day.