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Friday, June 19, 2009

Japanese Film Festival in KL

いきましょ= ikimashou = let's go

Yes I am a sucker for Japan, Japanese series, Japanese food, Japanese language and all things Japanese. Enough said. I stumble upon an ads on Japanese Film Festival where obviously, you can watch films from the country, for free.

I'm so gonna fill this weekend with nihon stuffs, nihon no eiga, nihon no foods, nihon no uta, nihon no hiragana. Owh I still haven't finish the japanese writing. Hiragana got me confused all the time. It takes a lot of time and practice before one can master the Japanese alphabets. Here's the list of the movies to be screened during Japanese Film Festival 2009

Thursday - Paco and The Magical Book
Sunday - How To Become Myself
Next Monday - The Bandage Club

Monday, June 8, 2009


You need to turn the egss into omelette, fry the hotdogs, slice some cucumber, pickled radish (if you like it that way), crab sticks (all sliced into long strips) and cook the rice.

Spread rice onto the seaweed, arrange all the ingredients on the rice. Then start rolling and keep on rolling. Hehehe. Slice it to 8-10 portions. Serve it.

Out of sudden, I feel like making my own kimbap (Korean version of sushi). I've been influenced by the Korean Wave thingy and out of sudden, here I am practicing my long-abandoned culinary skill by making kimbap. It's not that hard to prepare the kimbap afterall, all you need is google by your side so you can browse pages for making kimbap, go to the supermarket to get the stuff needed and start chopping, cutting, frying, flipping etc.

My kimbap is good, if not the best.