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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Vacation, classmates, beaches, nature. All in one.

Something to be remembered

Friends are to be cherished and appreciated

So yeah I went to PD and Malacca with crazy-fun-awesome classmates of mine. The main purpose of the trip is to have loads and loads of fun, before the term ends and everyone soon parts their own way. We all have come to the end of our Bachelor Degree study, and so I guess it's farewell time.

We went to beaches, sleep together, have meals together, went for some extreme games by the beaches and further to the sea. Boy it was lots of fun. And I couldn't forget the late-night chat session by the beach, where we formed a circle and started to talks about things, life, each other's dreams. So on and on. I can't hold the emotions any longer that I started to burst into tears, and later everyone did. Friendship. It's beautiful isn't it?

There's so many different people I met along the journey called life.And there will definitely be more in the future. People that i called friends. They come and go but memories with them will forever stay in my mind.