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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


so beautiful

I want to travel alone.
Would it be safe?
Want to see people.
Lots of people.
Want to walk.
And keep walking.

Just me and myself.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hectic life as an intern

I miss blogging.
Been busy working.
What did i do since i started my internship?
Well, learned and still learning lots of things.
Getting used to hectic life.
I have been attached to 2 programs for Hari Raya.

1. Trek Selebriti Raya - Kecohnya Bersama Aril

Shooting takes place in Jasin, Melaka.
3 days.
Basically, i do the time code.
Jotting down the time code for each shot.
So, gotta stand right next to the cameraman during the shooting.
And i also take care of the wardrobe.
This one, quite a simple task.
Scene mengejar ayam was really fun.
To be aired on 3rd day of raya, time tbc.

2. Odisi Raya MJ Lagi? (2 hours telemovie for Raya)

Shooting takes place in Puncak Jalil area.
9 days (up to 15 hours a day)
I do PA and conti.
I swear, doing tele was the hardest of all.
Your body gets really tired.
You work 17 hours a day just to finish 11 scenes.
And when you get a really fussy/perfectionist director, it drags everything.
But i have lots of fun seeing Zizan Raja Lawak.
He was a real funny guy.
To be aired on 1st day of Raya, Astro Ria, at 10 a.m.