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Monday, March 21, 2011


So many things going on lately, that I can''t find even a minute to post a new entry. Busy with work at the office, family weddings, being an awesome buddy, being an obedient daughter, being a dedicated worker (errrrr betul tak bos?), being so many things.

Yet, I am grateful for I am still here.

Writing stuff happened in my life.

Live life. Inhale the fresh air. Get to meet my loved ones (I love you dear)

On March 12, marks the solemnization of my beloved elder sister, kaklong. Right after that on the afternoon, people flocks in to the wedding reception at CAC banquet hall in IIUM. I fell deeply in love with the grand hall, especially the decoration of the pelamin, with all the pink and white roses. Got me mesmerized for seconds. I guess I was right when introducing the designer, Hazree Wahid to my mom.

We had a double wedding on that day, makes that 2 brides and 2 grooms celebrating the most wonderful moment of their lives (feels like crying, really, don't ask why). So, who's next? Hahahahaha.

 The hall reminds me of old interior from France, Italy, somewhere there. Maybe the lights, maybe the dining table, maybe the composition of the photo itself.

 Isn't this just lovely?

 My sister and hubby. May you have a blessed life along the way.

My beloved brother and his dearest.

So, what is happening in your life lately? Share with me.

Till then, good day people.


  1. When is ur turn aiman? i would love to oome :)

    heard that ur working wif hani..dats gud :)

  2. hehe soon hopefully wif God's will :)