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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mental block

This entry is just another medium for me to find escapism.

From work, from doing research, from writing scripts. From mental block basically.

As much as I love the nature of my job, somehow sometimes my brain gets numb. I have no idea as to why it gets numb, slow, almost retard. Dear brain, please bear with me. And today I'm such a sleepy head. I feel sleepy all of sudden, could it be the super cold aircond? And my eyes gets blur, I hate staring at the computer screen from morning to evening.

Finding yourself working hard five days a week, and the only thing you wait to happen is to spend your weekend relaxing at home with family, or engaging in your love life. Whichever it is, we can never have enough time only for ourselves. Life itself is indeed demanding, yet full of colours and stories. Did I just make myself sounded lame? Teehehehe.

Anyway, good night people :)


  1. dear sis, it's a job u choose. well i cant say more. my nature of work also same. stare at the screen from morning till evening. but what to do... it's where our money pour out. so just bear with it.

  2. nak buat macam mana. layannnn ~~~ zasss ~