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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Polaroid: My Must Have Item

Howdies people.

Well, this is my latest obsession.

Stuff I want so so bad but don't know how or where to get it.

Say hi to polaroid camera. Aren't they just super cute?

I never have an obsession towards cameras. Digital, DSLR, any sort of camera basically. Some people are so hooked up to this little invention, carry it around, take a snap even in the toilet. Teehehe. Come to think of it, I'm not even interested with ipad, iphone, blackberry etc. I'm not cool eh? Ask me anything about the latest gadgets invented for your pleasure. I will definitely reply with a blur face and a wrinkled brow.

But. But. But.

This. Poloroid. Thing. Is. Super. Cool. Cool. Cool.

Can I have one of these?

Where to get it?

How much does it cost?

Is it available in Malaysia?



  1. you can have the apps in iphone similar to it for free =) cool huh?

  2. mahal polaroid filem dia pn mahal..