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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Equestrian for a day

Finally, I found a new hobby.

It's horseriding.

Sometimes bored with the cliche idea of spending the weekends watching movies at the cinema, or go for a karaoke session, why not say hello to the world of horseriding?

Moments before I hopped onto the big horse, I was really nervous thinking of falling down, or the horse might become wild because of my body weight. What a reason eh. Excitement kills all the nervousness once you get the hold of it.  Feels like Quzandria Ambak for moments (teehehehe)

What a day, I had so much fun. Definitely should make horseriding a weekly outdoor activity.

Just figured it out, I love horse :)


  1. a'ah. hehehe. best long naik kuda! nak naik lagi!

  2. wah best nyer..kat mner ni aiman..kena bayr berapa nih?

  3. amboi amboi amboi eman... kemain lg ek.. hahaha... :p

  4. Wah2..qusy smakin liar..da mcm kuda gak da~wakaka