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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Work wear

Since I was in the secondary school, I found eternal comfort in sneaker, casual footwear. They aren't only comfortable, but also simple and looks youthful. This explains my collection of sneakers arranged on the shoe rack at home. Most of them are the old ones, bought during my diploma years. Everytime I pass by a shoe store, I can't help but to go inside and have a look. Once I set my eyes on a cool sneaker, there goes my money.

They're all worth buying, because I'm a loyal shoes wearer. I wear them until they become dirty, torn and in the end, end up looking like a vegetable.

For me, sneaker is timeless. It will always be a fashion. A trend. Always in, never outdated.

Well, I have been working for a month. My very first job since I graduated. There are so many things to be learned, so many things to contribute. My prayer is, everything will go smoothly.

A day or so before I started working, a question popped in my mind. What manner will it be if I wear a sneaker to work? That is the last thing that I would want to do. Having no appropriate footwear for work, I then decided to buy one. Thank you, mother for the lovely shoes.

For nearly a month, I have been putting this on everyday. Hopefully, I'll be wearing this for a very long time. Maybe until it becomes a vegetable, just like my old sneaker.