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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Office party

Last week, a small party has been organized at my office to welcome a new rookie which is me. Taadahhhh. No dear, I am kidding. Actually, it is to welcome all new staffs that have recently joined the company . That includes me. So, there's a little welcoming session where we had to introduce ourselves to the old staffs. And then, we had delicious food and cakes for lunch.

Mutton and briyani rice, plus officemade float


Once the stomach is loaded, get back to work lah dude and dudettes.

Happy working!


  1. eman, ko keje mana skrang? aku rasa ko ptt start a fashion post la . sbb u got nice wardrobes i can see...=) like where u buy it. what inspired u... yada yada yada..

  2. tv hijrah. hahaha ko rasa gitu ke? tengok la kalu aku rajin. baju ko pon santek2. eh eh pi la westminster abbey, tgk william kahwin. pastu blog tau. beshnyaaaa kalau dapat tgk!

  3. ei xde makna nk tgk dorang kawen... wedding aku pn diorg x attend...

    ye eman post la psl fashion! ko pki semua cantikk! =)