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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Money talks

When you reached adulthood, when you have secured a steady job, when you received your monthly salary, how much would you keep as savings? I have been working for a couple of months now and I started to think about the percentage of income that I should save in order to be considered financially responsible.

Basically, our salary would go to paying electricity, water, phone bills, car and house rental. I know different people have different way of managing their salary. I mean, what comes first, what comes second and so on. Not everyone is lucky enough to be financially supported by parents, whether partly or fully. I always, always, always feel grateful that my father gives me a car so that I don't have to worry allocating some percentage of my salary just to pay for the vehicle. And I am ever grateful that I'm staying with my family, as for now, so I don't have to think about house rental like others. But when the time comes, I will be married and stay at another house. However as for now, car and house rental are not in my concern list.

While other people are working damn hard everyday just to find almost half of their salary goes to pay needed stuffs, I feel more than blessed to not have to worry about these things. Nevertheless, I have high awareness about future savings and because of that, I plan to save as much as I can monthly so that the money won't be wasted to satisfy my endless women needs such as clothing, handbags, shoes etc. I don't need that! (yeah right, we'll see). As much as I want to resist the feminine side of me, I failed miserably. It's hard to stop yourself from buying, especially when there's great sales at the shopping complex. Nothing is wrong with it. The most important thing is to know your limit, girls out there!

"It's not what you earned, but what you save that counts"

Some people are so hooked up with luxorious lifestyle. Eat at fancy restaurant, wear branded designer's clothings, drive expensive car. Whatever it is, save some portion of your salary. Wouldn't it be great when you have more than ten thousands in your bank account at the end of the day? Start saving, people. It's for your own good.


  1. its true. saving from now on. besok nk kawen nk beli rumah... semua pakai duit. nk masok rumah beli perabut beli tu beli ni..

  2. tu lah dia. i dah kene menabung ni. nak kawin nanti. heeee~